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Description:   XML Web Bridge is a small java library bridging xml and web technologies via java. It is a simple, and quickly implemented solution to common web project problems (at least until the \"big players\" finish their more elaborate specifications and refer

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Lucene web service This project is a Java servlet that implements a Lucene text indexing XML web service using REST.

MSIDXws XML web service in visual basic.net for query of the Microsoft Index Server / Indexing Service ( MSIDX ).

OpenEAS Software Development Toolkit and Libraries to support the adoption of MIMOSA and Open O&M Initiatives. The libraries and toolkits will focus on basic implementation of DAO, XML, and Web Service tools.

PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator - A free PHP shipping calculator for all shipping purpose, including eBay merchants, ecommerce sites.Developed by using XML / Web Services of Sell Online(tm) Shipping Module from Canada Post.

WDialog framework for web applications WDialog is a system to make dialog-centric web applications.It imitates the behaviour of widgets foundin GUIs, but acts in a HTML/HTTP environment. There isa UI language (XML), but callbacks are coded in a normalprogramming language (O'Caml, Perl)

Waffle Web Framework Waffle is a Java Web framework that allows for pojo-based actions. Dependency injection support is built in. Waffle does NOT have a proprietary templating language nor does it require any XML configuration files. Waffle apps are easy to write and test.

XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML XMLNuke is a Framework for Web development Applications and it is integrated with a Content Management System fully based in XML. XMLNuke provides several classes for abstract the use of XML and the environment of Web application. FraweworkXML Abstraction LayerXSL TransformCRUDMVC

C# SOAP Client This program implements a SOAP client that could send an XML to a web service and display a response interactively. It was primarily built to test different security measures that are usually implemented to protect SOAP traffic.

CAC - Crab Access Control A simple access control app that intends to replace declarative jaas security in web.xml for web applications deployed on Jboss app server and TOMCAT container. Also include an extension for PHP applications.

XML Visualization Set of tools including graphical user interface for visualization of data-oriented XML documents. We recomend to use XMLspart at the moment, it's nice :)

XMLEngine XMLEngine is a J2EE based development framework for creating web services and applications quickly and without extensive knowledge in J2EE technology.

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